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Benchmade Blue Lube Cleaner 13614

Benchmade Blue Lube Cleaner
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BLUELUBE Total Knife Care

Introducing a newly formulated technology to help keep those knives tuned for smooth function. Start off with BlueLube Cleaner
to flush and prep the moving parts for a fresh application of BlueLube. BlueLube CLP* cleans, lubricates and protects your
pocketknife to make it last longer and work better. It removesall foulings and contaminants by superior penetration. Its dry,
solid base reduces friction and wear. It won’t buildup, become sticky, freeze or flash off. BlueLube Cleaner provides a thin
protective skin to seal out moisture and repelthe small amounts of contaminants that may remain. It also makes for easier
repeat cleaning.

The next step is BlueLube which not only lubricates, it prevents rust and corrosion, too. Both formulas work in tandem to enhance
overall knife function and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine (without the build up).

Blue Lubricant is the end result of tireless laboratory and field testing. It’s formulated to be longer lasting,providing better service and
protection. It keeps working without freezing, burning off or building up due to itssuperior technology and quality.

BlueLube Cleaner 4oz Bottle

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