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AA Rechargable Low Self Discharge Nimh Batteries-4 Pack 10321

AA Rechargable Low Self Discharge Nimh Batteries-4 Pack 10321

324008 AA Rechargable Low Self Discharge Nimh Batteries-4 Pack 10321

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Why Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery ?

Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Battery is a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery, the next evolutionary step for batteries into the 21st century.
Because the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery has a very low self-discharge, battery loses its charge very slowly.
What makes the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery unique?

The key-advantage of the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery compared to usual rechargeable batteries is its extremely low self-discharge.Once charged, Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery keeps its charge even if you store it for 12 or 24 months. ( 85 percent of the charge after 12 months, 70 percent after 24 months ). For a rechargeable battery this is a revolutionary advantage. No more worries about the state of charge of your battery. Just, charge them and keep them. Even after months you will still have an almost full battery.

Long Battery Cycle Life

In contrast to a disposable battery, the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery can be used over hundreds of times. This saves the environment and your purse. Thus one Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery saves the waste of 999 disposable batteries.

But also financially the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery has benefits. Even if you consider the slightly higher cost of the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery compared to a disposable battery and add the cost for the charger and the energy consumed by the charger, the investment for one Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery returns easily after a few charging cycles.

Imagine how much money you have spent for batteries in your life. Now there is an end to this spending.

Broad Application

Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery - the only battery you will ever need, One battery for all applications.
Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery is the right battery for all your applications.
It replaces disposable batteries in
Remote controls,
Clocks and alarm-clocks
Electric torches,
Electronic games
Computer-keyboards und mice.

Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery-Excellent performance for your digicam

With Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery you can make substantially more shots with your digital camera than with any other disposable battery. The main advantages of NiMH rechargeable batteries exist also in the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery:
•approx. 4 time more shots than with alkaline batteries
• high performance even at low temperaturesdown to -10 C during your winter vacation
• rechargeable and therefore cheaper on the long run
Charging made easy

With normal rechargeable batteries it made sense to charge them just before you wanted to use them. Too much risk otherwise, that the battery did not provide full power, when needed.
Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Battery is compatible with all of Tenergy Smart Chargers
Features and Benefits

•High quality AA Size 2000mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, top of line.
•combines all the features of the alkaline battery (Ready to Use) with the benefits of rechargeable battery
•Very slow self discharge maintains 85% residual capacity after 1 year of storage and 70% residual capacity after 2 years of storage
•Exact replacement for standard AA size battery in all the devices
•Provides ultra long use time per charge with this super high 2000mAh capacity for AA size
•Advanced Ni-MH technology means twice longer use life per charge than the ordinary rechargeables
•Designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as digital cameras, CD players, portable audio devices, hand held games, 2-way radios, PDAs, and other portable high drain digital electronics
•Can be recharged for up to 1000 times, providing big saving by replacing hundreds of throw away AA batteries.
•Convenient operation without memory effect. Can be charged anytime.
•Can be rapidly charged with any quick charger, smart chargers, plug in charger or universal chargers
•6 months warranty
•Battery tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life time
•Weight per cell 1oz
•Dimensions: 14.28 x 50.5 mm

Tenergy Centura AA Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Rechargeable Batteries provide superior performance and reliability that is comparable to Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries.

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