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Smiths Compact Electric Knife Sharpener 50005

Smiths Compact Electric Knife Sharpener 50005
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Manufacturer Part #: 50005
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Smith's, the leader in innovative sharpening technology, is proud to offer an electric knife sharpener that incorporates both manual and mechanical sharpening elements. This unique combination provides a broad capability to easily sharpen dull blades and maintain razor sharp edges. The sharpening wheels on your Edge Pro Compact Electric Knife Sharpener are made from bonded synthetics. The synthetics used are selected for their ability to guarantee longer wheel life, uniform cutting, and minimum heat build up, so that de-tempering of your blade does not occur. Our wheels are manufactured according to strict tolerances in order to ensure the same high quality on each and every wheel that we make. The crossed ceramic rods put the final finished edge on your blade. Crossed ceramic rods create a fixed sharpening angle that lightly hones both sides of your blade at the same time; thus, putting a polished, razor-sharp cutting edge on your knife. Also, the crossed ceramic rods are excellent for giving already sharp knives a a quick touch-up before use. Just a few, quick pulls through the sharpening slot is all it takes. Smith's recommends always using the ceramic rods for final edge honing after you sharpen using the synthetic wheels. Again, just a few pulls through the sharpening slot is all it takes.

I have one in operation in our office. It puts a wicked good edge on in 20-25 seconds with a few pulls and a light pressure. The angle is correct. You can go to the finishing ceramic rods but you really don't need to. I was very impressed. Smith's has a winner with this one.

  • Quick and precise sharpening of standard edge knife blades

    • Sharpens one side of the blade at a time
    • Blade guides hold knife at correct sharpening angle
    • Works on hard or soft steel blades
    • Won't damage or detemper your blade
    • Manual finishing/honing slot with crossed ceramic rods
    • Soft-Grip Rubber Handle
    • Non-Slip Rubber
    • Feet Wheel Abrasive: Synthetics Wheel Grade: Coarse

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