"Custom Engraving on Brand Name Knives, Lighters and Accessories will Transform a Special Gift into a Cherished Keepsake"

Case by Handle

Looking for Case Knives for sale?

Here you can find Case Pocket Knives and Case Hunting Knives arranged by knife handle.

Case knifes have been made by hand in Bradford, Pennsylvania since 1889. One hundred and twenty pairs of hands touch each Case knife. Every knife blade is honed by hand to a razor sharp edge. It takes much more than quality materials to make a Case knife. It takes a discerning eye, skilled hands, and the knowledge and skill that takes years for a master craftsman to acquire. Since 1889, that's been the Case way. And it's one reason why, when you pick up a Case knife, you can feel the quality in your hands.

Case knives are "The Gift Your Granddaddy Gave to His Father".

Case knives look especially appealing in a knife display case. Any collector would like to fill a display case with knives. We believe that when a customer chooses to purchase Case knives, they do so because they want the best pocket knives.

Getting your knives engraved would be the perfect engraving gift for any loved ones. We can have your Case knives engraved for any occasion. Weddings, graduations, birthdays are just a few occasions that a personalized knife would be the perfect gift. We offer knife laser engraving, engraving on wood, personalized engraving, and custom knives for all your engraved gifts needs.

     Easter Knives

     New for 2015

     6.5 BoneStag


     Amber Bone

     Amber Bone Rancher CV

     American Workman

     Antique Bone

     Antique River Logs

     Autumn Bone

     Black Synthetic

     Blue Synthetic Handle

     Boy Scout Knives

     Bradford Cutlery

     Brown Bone

     Brown Synthetic

     Buffalo Horn

     Burnt Oatmeal Carved Bone

     Burnt Prime Stag

     Burnt Stag

     Camo Case Caliber

     Caramel Bone

     Carhartt Case Knives

     Case Collectors Club Knives & Items

     Case Select

     Chestnut Bone CV

     Christmas Knives

     Civil War

     Coarse Black G-10

     Coin Sets


     Custom Work

     Dark Red Bone-Chrome Vanadium Series

     Dealer Knife

     Deep Canyon Dark Red Bone

     Duck's Unlimited

     Eagle Scout Knives

     Exotic Lions Paw

     Exotic Peacock Coral

     Father's Day Knives

     Fireman's Logo Knife

     Ford Motor Company

     Gift Sets

     Graduation Knives

     Groomsmen Knives

     Gum Fuddy-Rough Black Synthetic Knives

     Halloween Knives


     Harvest Orange Bone

     Hunter Green Bone

     Hunting and Fishing Knives

     Jade Bone Limited XX Edition Series XXXI

     John Deere Case Knives

     John Wayne Case Knives

     Kirinite Patriot

     Kitchen Knives-Walnut Handle

     Masonic Lodge Series


     Mint Sets

     Mother of Pearl

     My First Case Series

     Natural Bone Handles

     Navy Blue Bone

     Navy Blue Bone With Red Raised Shield

     New for 2014

     New for Fall 2014

     Oak Handled Knives

     Persimmon Orange Bone

     Petite Blue Lagoon Bone

     Photos on Knives

     Pink Camo Case Caliber

     Pocket Worn Bermuda Green

     Pocket Worn Old Red Bone

     Poker Family

     Police Series

     Presentation Knives

     Prime Stag

     Purple Bone

     Raspberry Bone

     Religious Knives

     Root Beer Bone

     Rosewood Handled Knives

     Sambar Stag

     Sawcut Antique Bone

     Scrolled Bolsters

     Second Cut Crimson Bone

     SFO-Special Factory Orders

     Small Lockback

     Smooth Antique Bone

     Smooth Black G-10

     Smooth Chestnut Bone

     Smooth Orange Synthetic

     Smooth Purple Bone with Ichthus Shield

     Smooth Red Bone

     SPARXX with Case Glitter Shield

     Sportsman Series

     Stag Handled Fixed Blades


     Tan Case Caliber


     The 10 Commandments

     Tony Bose

     United States Marine Corps Knife

     Utility - Working Knives

     Watermelon Bone

     White Synthetic Handle with Ichthus Shield

     Worm Groove Moss Brown Bone

     Yellow Handle