"Custom Engraving on Brand Name Knives, Lighters and Accessories will Transform a Special Gift into a Cherished Keepsake"

Case by Pattern

Looking for Case Knives for sale?

Here you can find Case Pocket Knives and Case Hunting Knives arranged by knife pattern.

Case knifes have been made by hand in Bradford, Pennsylvania since 1889. One hundred and twenty pairs of hands touch each Case knife. Every knife blade is honed by hand to a razor sharp edge. It takes much more than quality materials to make a Case knife. It takes a discerning eye, skilled hands, and the knowledge and skill that takes years for a master craftsman to acquire. Since 1889, that's been the Case way. And it's one reason why, when you pick up a Case knife, you can feel the quality in your hands.

Case knives are "The Gift Your Granddaddy Gave to His Father".

Case knives look especially appealing in a knife display case. Any collector would like to fill a display case with knives. We believe that when a customer chooses to purchase Case knives, they do so because they want the best pocket knives.

Getting your knives engraved would be the perfect engraving gift for any loved ones. We can have your Case knives engraved for any occasion. Weddings, graduations, birthdays are just a few occasions that a personalized knife would be the perfect gift. We offer knife laser engraving, engraving on wood, personalized engraving, and custom knives for all your engraved gifts needs.

     Baby Butterbean

     Back Pocket

     Barehead Slimline Trapper

     Bird Hunter

     Bowie Hunting and Presentation


     Cattlemans Stockman-Tony Bose


     Coffin Jack



     Desk Knife

     Doctor's Knife


     Eureka Jack

     Executive Lockback

     Fishing Knives

     Folding Hunter

     Golfer's Knife & Tool

     Groomsmen Gifts

     Half Whittler


     Hawkbill Pruner


     Hunter Trapper

     Hunting Knives

     Junior Scout

     Kitchen Knives

     Lanny's Clip

     Large Gunstock

     Large Saddlehorn

     Large Stockman



     Marine Corps Knife

     Medium Congress

     Medium Jack

     Medium Stockman

     Medium Texas Toothpick

     Mid-Folding Hunter

     Mini Blackhorn

     Mini Copperhead

     Mini CopperLock

     Mini Moose

     Mini Trapper

     Mint Sets



     Panama Trapper


     Pen Knives

     Pocket Hunter

     Portable Steak Knives



     Seahorse Whittler

     Slimline Trapper

     Small Pen

     Small Saddlehorn

     Small Stockman

     Small Texas Toothpick

     Sod Buster

     Sod Buster Jr.


     Specialty Knives

     Steak Knives


     Sway Back Gent

     Sway Back Jack

     Tear Drop

     Texas Jack

     Tiny Trapper



     TrapperLock with Clip

     Tribal Lock


     Wilfred Locking Folding Hunter